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15 years old need some weight loss tips?

June 5, 2010 by  
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I am fifteen years old am 5ft 8in tall and weigh 12st 8lb. I really need exercise and diet tips. I have just had enough of looking like a fat weirdo. I don’t want any suggestions of pills or supplements just good old fashioned exercise and diet thanks.

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4 Responses to “15 years old need some weight loss tips?”
  1. bob doll says:


  2. David W says:

    STOP EATING SO MUCH, do more excersise, take up soccer, basket ball, Rugby, run, swim etc

  3. Karu says:

    I was in the same predicament at your age too, just a year ago. Albeit I didn’t know what I weighed at the start (phobia of scales I guess) but I’m down to 10st 3 now.

    I used a mixture of pills and supplements etc. and a mix of traditional methods that sort of developed as I learnt more.

    A few traditional tips I would recommend:

    1) Watch what you eat. Try to cut back on junk food and keep healthier alternatives around the house. Look on the back of packets and add up the calories you’re eating (this was the easiest way for me, my stepbrother also kept a “Food Diary” to help him keep track of what he’d eaten when he was trying to shed some pounds.) The daily recommended amount of calories is 2000-2500, keep around 1500-2000 and you should notice a difference, make sure you eat enough though else you’ll just end up in ill health!

    2) A handy tip is to chew each mouthful of food 12 times. This gives your brain time to respond to what you’re eating and will make your meals last longer. Waiting 5 minutes every now and then during a meal can help your body know when it feels full also. (or so Ive read)

    3) Walk where you can. Take longer route and give up lifts. Take the stairs more often when given the choice. Small things can add up to a big difference, its not really necessary to spend loads at a gym. You can do sit ups in privacy at home and draw up your own timetable for other exercises. Walking back from school with friends is what helped me.

    4) Get support! Make sure people know you’re trying to lose weight so there’s less chance they’ll tempt you accidentally. This is especially important with parents. Don’t go it alone. I’d tried many times before to diet without telling anyone and never got anything constant until I let my Dad know I wanted to lose weight.

    5) Take it steady. Make sure what you’re changing in your lifestyle you’re relatively happy with, as you’ll need to retain a lot of it (though it’ll be far more lenient) after you’ve lost the weight. If you go back to a bad diet afterwards it’ll just all creep back up.

    Hope these help you! Everyone’s different and it might take a month to get into a flow suited to you, but I hope you do get there! Best of luck!

  4. kashi panda says:

    I’m sure you don’t need to stop eating. I’m 15 also and I weigh 200 pounds. Whilst I am not “fat” I am chubby and it’s annoying. I can’t go to public pools anymore because of it. Just walk a lot and get involved in schools sports, or if that’s not your thing then work extra hard in P.E. and go for a jog everyday, start doing push ups and sit ups everyday. Start doing more and more each day or else you’ll never gain muscle.

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