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17 Bible Foods That Heal – Discover The Facts! A+

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Product DescriptionNo biblical food is more famous and none has gotten a worse rap than the apple – despite the fact that Adam and Eve probably didn’t even see an apple, much less munch on one. The Bible never says exactly what fruit the serpent used to tempt Eve in the Garden of Eden. Tradition holds that it was an apple, but many scholars who have studied the botany of the Bible think it was more likely an apricot – maybe even a citron, an orange or a quince, a central Asian fruit that resembles a hard-fleshed yellow apple. But else where in the Bible, the apple gets high marks for its healthful, healing powers that modern science has since confirmed. The apple’s ability to keep our hearts healthy and pumping has been confirmed by U. S. , French and Italian researchers, among others. An animal study at the Institute of Physiology in France came to the startling conclusion that a diet heavy in apples actually lowered heart-damaging cholesterol levels anywhere from 28 to 52 points. Now you can find out what the Bible says about all kinds of food . . .

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