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“Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips”

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Product DescriptionIncluded in this superb eBook include many of the same information written from various weight loss eBooks sold around the web – Homemade beauty recipes, Lose weight by juice fasting, About the raw food healing diet, Learn the difference between real hunger & appetite, Learn how to make homemade juices, Fruit juice recipes, Smoothies & shakes tips, Fruit smoothie recipes, Weekly meal plan template! Here’s a peek at what’s inside Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips # What is Juice Fasting? # Weight Loss Introduction # Healing the Body through Juice Fasting # Fasting for Weight Loss and Health # What Happens to Your Metabolism? # How Much Will I Lose on a Juice Fast? # Can Fasting Overcome Help to Overcome Addiction? # What Happens to the Body During a Juice Fast? # Detoxification

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