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body fat loss through exercise and diet. tips please?

May 15, 2010 by  
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i am going through a stage of bulking up and putting on muscle, and as a result my usual cardio regime is limited. i am happy with this, since i am using my energy to build muscle.

in a few months i want to lose fat again for the summer, but wonder what is the best way – hopefully avoiding losing my muscle gains completely. i’m thinking high intensity sprint training (i used to train 100m). are there any other tips anyone could give?

i do occasionally like a takeaway so nothing too extreme, but any diet tips would be taken on board and self-motivation is never a problem for me.

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4 Responses to “body fat loss through exercise and diet. tips please?”
  1. King Leonidas says:

    To be honest it sounds like your one of the few people on here who actually know what there doing. Congrats.

    To avoid muscle loss keep lifting weights (or whatever you do). Also the sprinting sounds brilliant.

  2. Subhash Bose says:

    My best advice is do work outs regularly by taking less calorie diet which helps you to maintain good body with less weight

    Subhash Bose

  3. createrofheaven says:

    some good article to help you loose weight.

  4. EDD says:

    I have been int weight training for more than 40yrs. I would start doing super sets, this will build muscle, and at the same time work your cardio. Its a good way to burn fat, and keep your muscle. I assume you are increasing your protein intake. A high protein diet is the way to go. Researchers in America found it not only promotes hypertrophy, but increases fat loss, particularly round the abdomen. Try and have about 40% of your daily calories from protein. This was found to work better than Other diets.

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