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can you give me some good summer tips to fat loss?

May 6, 2010 by  
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it is summer break soon and id like to loose fat
i will give a sleigh description of my self
i am 5 ft 5 150 lb, and lift weights in the gym almost every day
im on a weigh lifting schedule so I’m active every day
but i still have allot of fat to loose that i seem to not be able to get rid of. i am 15 years old. and i would like like to go into high school the best shape of my life.

i want some tips on
.raising my metabolism
.good cardio techniques (i already do cardio every other day)
.some eating/diet tips
.and anything important you might have learned in your life about diet/cardio/fat loss

thanks you very much ahead of time

10 pts for anyone who give me something that will stay in my head through the summer
oh yea and im a guy

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