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Death by Mastication: Eating Ourselves to Death and the Cure

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Product DescriptionI know you are familiar with the #1 killer in America, obesity. But now I want to ask you a very pointed question:“What have You done to improve your health?”I apologize if that question is too direct, or makes you defensive. Before you answer that question, realize you can make a positive step forward immediately!You can educate and empower yourself today by downloading – Death by Mastication: Eating Ourselves to Death & the Cure – It is the ground-breaking new book from T. ”Chops” Robinson, CSCS, NASM-CPT, NASM-PES. This book will unveil the secrets behind:- Why Are We Eating Ourselves to Death? -The Science of Transformation-The Nutritional Edge-The 12 Week Cure-The Tools for SuccessEach day you neglect your health, you take a step closer to becoming a statistic (about 200,000,000 Americans are at risk, at a cost of about $147billion). You only get one body, how much is it worth to you?So—let me ask you once more—what have You done to improve your health?You have the ability to change the outcome of your lifestyle. Stop deliberating, stop procrastinating and stop rationalizing–take your first step-today! P. S. 30-day satisfaction guarantee, if you purchase this book and feel it doesn’t reveal any new insight into your health and fitness quandary. I will buy it back from you, no questions asked!

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