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does anyone have tips for a successful crash diet?

April 19, 2010 by  
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Anyone have crash diet tips? I have a major deadline to reach and my hubby just bought me the hottest bikini ever to show off my results in! thanks!

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4 Responses to “does anyone have tips for a successful crash diet?”
  1. Idc says:

    JUST TO let you no crash diets may give you results while you do it but as soon as you eat a bite off food it comes back. it does so becuase your ruined your matablism and it think you must start over.
    so what i do is i run or walk around the block with my dogs. and i eat three hole grain meals wit no butter or barley no fat. it will stick with you longer and gives you better results then not eating.
    and you could have a hundred calorie pack when you get veryhungrey during the day.

  2. doncrisp99 says:

    You can shuck and you can jive and theorize, but if you really want to lose weight fast, starvation and water (plenty of it) will reap the biggest dividends

  3. Kirsten S says:

    well im am 17 and i am about 5’2 or 5’3 and weighed 125 which was the most ive ever weighed.
    i have the mind of an anorexic person. i look in the mirror and i think im fat whether i am or not.
    so i decided to take aderal which makes you not hungry.
    for about 4-5 days i took it and didnt eat but one egg in 4-5 days.
    i weighed after that cause i saw the pounds dropping off and weighed 115.
    yeah i have gained a lil back since ive started eating but i took it slow.
    i still am not as big as i was when i started it but i am more happy with my body.

  4. pedro dagandagan says:

    Try the plant an egg diet.
    Or the oil and salt free popcorn (3 meals a day diet program with snacking in between meals) and water exclusively only diet.
    To prepare the popcorn meal or snack, measure 1/4 cup of popcorn seeds (no salt and no butter or oil) place in a paper bag and microwave high at 2 minutes. The unpopped seeds, set aside and later microwave with the rest. Water should not be less than 8 largeful of glasses in a day. This popcorn diet will not give you the cringes because it is high in fiber.
    The Plant an Egg Diet. Plant an egg in the garden and what ever grows out of it, is what you can only eat and as much as you want. This diet plan is just plain simply famishing one’s self which is never healthy and dangerous to ones health. This type of diets like the crashed diets will challenge your fat cells to rebel against your body in a slow unnoticeable continuous manner and one day when you wake up you have bloated.

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