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Fast Fat Loss Plan.

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Product DescriptionDVD and book in one package. DVD-R player required.
The Fast Fat Loss Plan. A powerful Fat Loss combo is presented to speed you on your way to becoming thin and slim in no time. A detailed plan of action to guide you to losing fat. No guess work! No nonsense! Just the facts! Easy to use and understand! Based on over 30 years of training athletes and models, The Fast Fat Loss Plan is guaranteed to teach you the fast, permanent way to change your look forever. The Fast Fat Loss Plan DVD and Book. The DVD is hosted by model, Mom, fat loss expert and Fitness Champion Julie Green. Julie discusses in a clear easy to understand manner the plan for you to follow to become Fat Free forever! The Fast Fat Loss Plan book is not a repeat of the movie but a complete diet guide that helps you plan daily eating in seconds! Exact training and eating schedules. Nothing is easier than our Easy Visual GuideTM system for learning what you need to eat. Take the book with you where ever you go and deciding what to eat will never be a problem. Lose fat forever.

  • Weight loss DVD-R and book in one package.
  • Fast weight loss plan and specific diet information.
  • Book contains menus for making daily eating easy.
  • Book contains exercise routines for cardio and weights.
  • Learn the fastest way possible to lose fat and stay healthy.

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2 Responses to “Fast Fat Loss Plan.”
  1. Good book. easy to follow and it works!!

    The blitz diet was fantastic as I was able to loose enough weight to look good in the photos. My bride liked it also. She is now starting to read the book also. I dare not say she is fat or anything. You married guys know this.

    I recommend this book to anyone who wants a health life style change as the tings taught will help you live a healthier life style.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Daniel Burke says:

    A no nonsense. 256 page book, about weight loss and fat loss. It is full color and comes in several sections. Included is a complete diet section and workout section.
    These are the Fast Fat Loss Plan book sections:
    Getting started on the Fast Fat Loss Plan.
    The Rules of Clean Eating.
    The Daily Meal Plans. This is a 15 page full color illustrated day to day menu plan.
    The Cooking Guide.
    Dining Out.
    Nutrition 101. The basics of food.
    How to cheat on your diet.
    Using fat burning supplements. This option is explained.
    Diets for athletes. Again fully ilustrated.
    Special occasion dieting.
    30 Days of Clean Eating.
    Exercise for Fat loss.
    The rules for fat loss exercise.
    Slim sexy abdominals super course.
    Walking to get thin.
    Exercising in a swimming pool for fat loss.
    Training at home program.
    Training at a commerical gym program.
    Questions and answers with the author.

    Most note worthy is that the Fast Fat Loss Plan includes fully illustrated daily diet plans that make it very easy to understand what you need to eat everyday, without even reading the book. I lost 47 pounds over 4 months on this diet. I ate only the diets in the book and it went smoothly.
    The special section on losing weight fast, The Blitz diet section was invaluable. For anyone needing to lose fat fast and in a hurry this is the weight loss solution.
    No potions or special things to buy, it all works on regular food we all buy at the supermarket.
    The DVD contains the 20 rules of Clean Eating outlined by Julie Green. The first half of the movie is an introduciton to eating in very general terms.
    A great book for people wanting a resource to lose body fat without any hype or false promises. The Fast Fat Loss Plan, works.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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