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Follow Your Hunger to the Body of Your Dreams!

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Product DescriptionFollow Your Hunger to the Body of Your Dreams! is for those who want to lose weight and start enjoying life in a slim, trim beautiful body, without the need for dieting or excessive exercise. Those of us who have struggled with a weight issue for some time will discover that the answer to slimming down has been crying out for our attention, while we have been on a fruitless search looking for it in the words of the latest diet guru’s, diet books, meal plans or even in the advice of our next door neighbour. Once we know how to use them, these principles will guide us to put painful struggles with weight behind us and to make peace with and enjoy all foods. This book will show how the answer to having the ideal body of our dreams has been inside us all along, contained in the obvious cues our bodies constantly send us to keep us slim and healthy. It also shows us step by step, how to once again tune into these inner cues to help us back on the path to the body nature intended for us. The principles contained in this book won’t take up a great deal of time or energy, and don’t cost anything to follow. There are no recommendations for diet pills, surgery, or any other expensive and dangerous weight loss methods. They are practical and easy to follow in daily life. This book outlines the way to tap into a reality where crash dieting, deprivation, binges and any guilt surrounding food are non-existent.

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One Response to “Follow Your Hunger to the Body of Your Dreams!”
  1. BookLover74 says:

    This book is absolutely the answer to weight loss I’ve been looking for.
    I’ve only had it for a five days now but I’m already starting to see the results on my body. This is after trying every diet known to man and having little success. Especially as I’ve gotten older. The author lays out the principals of weight loss in a simple way that finally makes sense. The seven day challenge contained in this book really made me question my own habit of cleaning my plate at every meal, whether I was hungry or not. It also made me realise how many bad feelings I projected on food. This book makes me understand just how much I was eating and over eating, even when I thought I was being “good. ” I would defiinitely recommend this book to others and will post more updates on my weight loss progress.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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