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High Intensity Powerbuilding

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Product DescriptionThis is experienced intermediate to advanced athlete.
It is for: * Bodybuilders whos goal is to increase their power and muscle mass beyond normally natural limits* Powerlifters who have hit an impasse in progress* Powerbuilders who want to accelerate strength and muscle beyond previously attained levels. * The Strong Man who want to enhance their strength.
Building muscle and strength is not a mystery. I know, I did it! At 5’5″ I reached an all time best training bodyweight of 238 while using what YOU are about to USE. . . THE WORKOUT and TECHNIQUES! My 38 years of experience! WHILE and AFTER USING THIS **My arms taped 18 ¾ cold**My thighs taped 33 inches **My Chest taped 54 inches**I could pick up compact cars
and Bend rebar into pretzels** I NATURALLY AND WITHOUT DRUGS**
Benched over 400 pounds**Squatted over 600 pounds**Deadlifted 830 pounds**Half Squatted 1000 pounds**Did Barbell Rows with 405**
The understanding of anaerobic strength training. . . meaning it must be intense, brief and infrequent AND the most effective exercises must be used**
Power lifters move up through weight classes as they get stronger. In watching the worlds strongest man contest these men are goliaths? It is because as they got stronger they got bigger** This is the key!**THIS IS THE NEXT STEP!! UP ladder, reducing volume and frequency and just building MUSCLE but RAW POWER. ** THIS WILL KICK YOUR GAINS INTO HIGH GEAR!

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