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How do I convince my mind to stop overeating? Diet Tips and Tricks?

April 17, 2010 by  
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im trying to lose weight and i need some diet tips, and tricks. maybe even some psychological tricks to losing weight

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3 Responses to “How do I convince my mind to stop overeating? Diet Tips and Tricks?”
  1. Marcio says:

    try thinking of the effects if you stop working out..and get away from things that will distract you..maybe even music

  2. Problems Solver says:

    Hi Someone,I’ve compiled 5 tips for you.

    Tips 1

    No night snack – Avoid eating night snacks 3 hours before bed time.It is more difficult to lose weight if you eating night snacks.You will be amaze that without having a night snack at night you can really lose weight fast.

    Tip 2

    Exercise – As many people hate to do workout But the truth are doing workout can really enhance the speed of losing weight .Although there are also some cases that people lose weight without doing any workout instead they just follow on easy diet plan.

    Tip 3

    Avoid high sugar drinks – Many of us love to drink sweet drinks or add a few packet of sweet in our tea or coffee.As these can increase our calories in out body.This also slow down the process of losing weight.So try to avoid having high sugar drinks.

    Tip 4

    Easy weight loss diet plan – Many of the people are used to triditional easting method which is 3 big meals a day.But the fact of losing weight is you need to eat more often but less volume because this way you can increase the metabolism to stay high and burn more calories.For example eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 3 meals.

    Tip 5
    Cut down carbohydrate intake.This is the huge different on how fast you lose weight.This method is to cut down your starches intake from what you eat.You can really see result of you take this advice.

  3. Skeptic says:

    Please check the other posts for great tips about psychological tricks and learning about mindful eating. My interest is in the physiological component of overeating. First let me describe a disease called sleep apnea which will trigger ravenous appetite which no amount of mindful eating will defeat.

    Those who suffer from a sleep disorder are likely to over eat when their body confuses sleep deprivation with starvation. This is called sleep apnea and it’s a very common problem. The more you eat, the bigger problem your sleep apnea will become. Ask your roommate if you snore. (You will not know about this symptom if you sleep alone, because you never hear your own snoring ).

    In Western cultures, we live in toxic food environments. The food industry makes money by making their food physiologically and psychologically addictive. The food industry adjusts dosages of sugar, fat, salt, caffeine, MSG, and aspartame. These are addictive substances that have a chemical effect on your brain. We evolved in an environment that had inconsistent supplies of calories and nutrients. The body stored calories in fat cells when food was abundant, and survived during periods of famine by using fat cell energy. Today, Western cultures are in perpetual states of abundance. The food is incredibly rich in quantities that humans have never seen before. The body is hard-wired to like foods such as sugars and fats. A large percentage of people in Western cultures become addicted to these foods. Obesity continues to be a huge problem since the 1980s in the US.

    The best publication in this field is by Dr. Neal Barnard. He has a seven step process for “Breaking the Food Seduction.” Go to the library and check out this book. Part of it is available online for free through Google Books.

    Another useful book is “Mindful Eating” by Jan Chozen Bays, MD.

    I simply became a vegetarian and shunned sweets and excess oils/fats. I lost 50 pounds and kept it off through this lifestyle change.

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