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i am 14 years old, approx. 5’4 and 128 pounds
i am so fat so i don’t need you to tell me i need to lose weight, because i already know that.
What are some quick weight loss tricks.

By the way i play twice a week until like mid-march, then i will be playing 3 times a week for approx. 4 hours a week ( two 90 minute practices, plus a 1 hour game) i am also trying out for softball which, with God on my side, if make the team i will practice 5 days a week for about 2 hours Mon-Fri.
I want to do it in the healthiest way possible, so if you say “Don’t Eat” i will be really mad and you will CERTAINLY not get best answer.

Thanks in advance for you help!
i thought it might help of i add my typical meals for the day:
Breakfast: Usually Yoplait Light Yogurt or some sort of fruit
Lunch: sandwhich, one slice of pizza, or a piece of breaded chicken (take notice: these are meals served @ my school daily, the other lunch option varies)
Dinner: Usually Chicken, Rice or Mashed Potatoes, with some sort of a veggie. And occasionally some sort of fish

usually little or no snacks other than an apple @ luch and occasionally a snack size bag of Sunchips.

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6 Responses to “I AM FAT!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! WEIGHT LOSS TIPS!!!?”
  1. MIA says:

    Drin klots of water, stay away from shit food, and eat less. It’s really not rocket science.

  2. HOOAH! It's an Army Thing says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are NOT fat. You have a BMI of 22, which is well within normal parameters.

    * Underweight = <18.5
    * Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
    * Overweight = 25-29.9
    * Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

    You have no need for quick weight loss tricks. If you desire to tone up, then exercise will help. Walking or running, calisthenics, core exercises using a Swiss ball, dumbbells, etc., are all you need.

  3. Melanie R says:

    You’re already skinny, but if you want to tone up:
    Drink lots of water. Snacks are GOOD (boosts metabolism)
    but in moderation, and healthy.

    Get some rice cakes, apples, whole grain bagels.. etc.

  4. Sheryl M says:

    Get over yourself. 5’4 and 128 pounds is not fat. It is normal and healthy. If you said, 228 or 328, yeah, then you would have a problem. Get into counseling. Stop your obsession.

  5. S--slick says:

    To lose weight (fat), include more fibrous slow digesting carbs, as opp. to the fast digesting ones.

    No white breads, fast foods, sodas (not even diet) no ketchups, sugar, only skim milk, not 2%, skim and whole grain non sweet (sugary) cereal, whole wheat bread, maybe buy some soy or whey protein.

    Include lean meats like ham, and other sources of protein. Avoid red meats. Take a multivitamin, calcium and vitamin d every 2 days, one or two V8s a day (or every other day).

    Don’t starve, eat small healthy meals. A lot of small meals opposed to a few bigger ones– make sure is has at least 8-10 or more g of protein, not too much protein because the body can only digest a certain amount at a time; and avoid too many fruits, carbs and sugars. Fibrous veggies, greens (no starches or potatoes) are good, and no BBQ sauce (unless used sparingly) and not too much (if any) salad dressing.

    Before bed (2 hrs), eat something with protein, don’t
    eat many carbs before bed. Eat some of that good cereal in the morning, you need quality carbs, just not too much, and the slow digesting ones.

    Do slow crunches until you can not do anymore, jog stairs (be safe though), warm up first and do sprints, short bursts of intense activity is very effective compared to long weak activity, just don’t over do it. Also include some slow but long endurance jogging. Be active!

    Jog stairs ;and also do some lunges until it burns, do this every day or 2 days, keep going and don’t give up, same with eating, you need some fat, so one or two fish oils daily.

    Eat fish (not fried, be careful, very careful for bones) Peanut butter on whole wheat (no jelly), which has protein, and don’t worry about the fat in that. Avocados, has fat, good fat; eat it when your hunger cravings get you.

    When you do crunches, also twist on some to work your sides, keep tension on your abs.

    Need more info, go to bodybuilding.com

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