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I need fat loss tips…HELP!?

April 19, 2010 by  
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I have excess tummy fat and would love nothing more than to get rid of it. I’ve got my diet under control, but I’m confused on whether to focus more on cardio work or should I focus more on abdominal workouts?….HELP!

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10 Responses to “I need fat loss tips…HELP!?”
  1. sfgjhsfgjsfgj d says:


  2. Tony R says:

    exercise more than the amount of food you take in

  3. orchid2800 says:

    eat fibrous food. exercise both abs and cardio, and stay away from saturated fats and get in the habit of breathing properly, in your nose and out your mouth with slow deep breaths It works your ab muscles and helps to tone them as well as Builds good Respiratory muscles

  4. David Y says:

    Well I joined an extremely strenuous karate dojo. I didn’t lose “weight” persay but i replaced a LOT of fat with muscle

  5. GOOCHY says:

    ride a pushbike that will fix it youll have a six pack in no time not to mention what it does to other parts of the body
    peace love luck an a bear hug

  6. here2help says:

    i suggest do more CARDIO.
    that will remove the fat, [slowly] and make your abs more defined. if you do more ab workouts, your abs will become stronger, but you cannot see them due to the layer of fat covering them.
    get it?

    more info—
    1. 80% of ab training is dependant on diet, the other 15-19% is based on training of the body. Do heavy, heavy weighlifting with compound excercises and truely bust your ass in the gym. If you are going to run, run windsprints. That other 1-5% is your direct ab training. Your abdominal muscles don’t get a whole lot bigger (your only goal in ab training), and 95-99% of results are generated by losing bodyfat while maintaining muscle.
    2. Control your diet. Eat healthy foods, smaller portions, and aim for slightly more protein and slightly less proccessed carbohydrates.
    3. Drink as much water as possible: it aids in digestion, fullness, and fat burning (a dehydrated body will not be able to used break down fat and use it as energy)
    4. Avoid continuous sitting; move around as often as possible.
    4. Do abdominal exercises, such as sit-ups, crunches, and corelifts such as front squats, deadlifts, and other lifts that you normally associate with competitive bodybuilders
    5. remember, the only thing that doing abdominal excersices does, is build abdominal muscle. There is no lower, middle, or upper abs: the visible portion is all one muscle.

    FYI–Eat a large percentage of your carbs in the morning or after training hard. Eat your protein and fat evenly throughout the day.

  7. Chong Sian C says:

    I think you can try these website .

  8. Fat G says:

    How to lose 10 pounds quickly

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    Christmas weight lossIt is a great feeling even after losing very small amount of weight as that motivates us to lose more weight. The very first thing you can do is that calories consumed must be less than the calories burnt. Keep the record of each and every thing what ever you eat. Check out the amount of calories in a food before ordering that. So you have to be very careful about the amount of calories you consume.

    Try to cook your food by yourself and avoid deep fried food. Limit your calories intake to 1000 to 1200 per day. Remove all sugar and starch from your diet.

    So here are some quick tips to lose 10 pounds quickly

    * Drink lot of water

    * Eat a healthy breakfast

    * Do not eat any thing in between the meals

    * Exercise everyday for 30 minutes at least

    So go ahead with this and gives yourself a Christmas gift by losing more pounds and look sexier, healthy and more confident.

  9. Kathy J says:

    I’ve tried all different diets, and the weight loss is only temporary. I finally tried diet pills on the market are made from Hoodia. I saw this stuff on ABC News. It’s all natural and safe, and it works! My wife took it for a month and dropped 20 pounds. I took it for a month and lost about 13 (but I didn’t exercise).

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  10. apple_sass_24 says:

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