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My dog is very fat just over 100 pounds,what are some tips for some wait loss.?

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My dog is just over 100 pounds and i was wondering if i could get some tips to help solve this.I also tried to put her on a diet with a special $30 bag of food,no help.So please just give me some tips.

Thank you

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13 Responses to “My dog is very fat just over 100 pounds,what are some tips for some wait loss.?”
  1. Janelle L says:

    Swimming. It burns calories and is easy on the joints.

  2. Joy says:

    just do not free feed, get the food for the overweight like you did, and make sure she gets exercise.

  3. dartass224 says:

    -feed a high quality diet
    -cut back 1/4 of the daily amount fed
    -less treats
    -less to no table scraps

  4. rezrack says:

    not eating a lot
    no table scraps
    running around
    take him to the park

  5. Smirnoff :, says:

    feel the ribs.
    how much are they feelable??

    if not at all,
    then she must be overweight.
    if they are soft to the touch and ur fingers sink in if u push a little, then shes REALLY overweight.

    i could have explained the above very much quicker if u would have posted her breed.

    and to get her to lose weight, ur gonna need to REALLY exercise her,
    to give her NO treats, NO human food, and only PORTIONED amounts of dog food that are fed around one time of the day.

  6. Josh says:

    Use Purina OM diet. Its the best diet food you can get, however it needs to be prescribed by your vet. Also, make sure that your dog gets regular exercise, such as walks or playing with a toy.

  7. desprtemeasres says:

    The other answers are a good start, but if you’ve tried exercise and a diet change to no avail, you should check in with your vet. She could have a medical reason for being overweight. Good luck!

  8. gwlahaye2001 says:

    The first thing you need to do is determine why she is so heavy. If it’s because of lack of exercise and improper diet then those things are pretty easily remedied. But it could also be due to thyroid trouble, diabetes, et cetera. Either way the thing to do is take her in for a complete exam and let your vet run tests on her for possible medical problems. He can then discuss proper diet and exercise for her. They’re just like people and once they are drastically overweight and unhealthy you can’t just pack them of to a doggy gold’s gym. You shouldn’t need special food unless it is a medical problem. A good dry food (like Natural Choice weight control) would be fine. But remember that the commitment to her health has to be made by both of you. If your vet says walk her twice a day, do it. She’s not going to walk herself.

  9. Paru says:

    take him for a walk every morning and evening. run forward and make sure it runs along with you..! it will be an exercise for the dog..as well as for you..!!i believe if you just do this for a week, he will be fit and fine n lose those extra calories….

  10. ThatLabGuy says:

    I stopped the doggie treats, i guess they have a lot of calories.
    That and a little more walking and playing slowly brought his weight down.
    Its not really the weight but the shape or i guess the tone of the dog.
    If you look at her from the top you should see a noticeable waist.
    And you should be able to feel ribs quite easily.
    Many people think this is underweight and the dog is starving but if you ever look at dog shows you can see.

  11. Lizzie says:

    This is an easy way: Before you feed your dog, pour out the usual amount into the bowl. Then measure it to be sure how much is there, either by weight or by cups [measuring by weight is more accurate]. Do a little quick division and take out 10% of the food. Make a note of how much you fed the dog and how much was removed from the original amount. Feed that amount every day for 2 weeks.
    If there is no weight loss, feed another 10% less. Weigh in 2 weeks. If there is a no loss, cut back more. And so on until the desired weight has been reached.

    Once the dog is done losing weight, you add 10% back and weigh the dog ONCE a week until the weight is maintained, not lost or gained.

  12. patchesgirlly says:

    lo cal food! EXCERCISE!

  13. SouthernBorders says:

    Feed her less and give her more exercise. You don’t need any fancy diet food, just feed her less. We feed dogs because it makes us feel good, but they don’t have the same emotions. Dogs live in the moment and they don’t feel deprived or unloved if we cut back on their food. Every pound your dog needs to lose is shortening her life and in the mean time the quality of her life is less than it can be. I have 3 dogs that are all between 40 and 45 pounds. I feed them 2 cups of food 1 time per day. I only feed once per day. Your dog doesn’t need to eat to be happy, and in fact the opposite is true. She’ll be much happier if she loses weight. No snacks, no treats, no table scraps. Just a little kibble once a day with plenty of exercise and she’ll drop the weight quickly.

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