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Need some diet tips. Tomorrow I want to start a healthy regimen. Any tips?

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I want to lose a little weight, but I’m willing to take it slow: I want to make serious diet changes for life. Any tips? thank you

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2 Responses to “Need some diet tips. Tomorrow I want to start a healthy regimen. Any tips?”
  1. Dge says:

    eat every two to three hours to keep metabolism up
    -drink at least 6 glasses of water
    -eat organic
    -cut out all white carbs, have brown rice, whole grain pasta and whole grain bread instead
    -don’t drink juice, soda anything to high in sugar and spices
    -take flaxseed oil and GNC’s ultra mega vitamins – they make sure you are getting adqueate nutrition and help burn fat
    - start your day off with high fiber cereal, whole milk
    -eat nuts, greek yogurt and fruits for snacks.. you can even make fruit smoothies
    -eat salads and some form of protien for lunch and dinner – eggs, meats, fish, nuts, beans, seeds etc.

    sleep for at least 9 hours a night..

    work out for at least an hour a day.. dancing, running pilates etc. whatever is best for you.

  2. Jared B. says:

    Hi DolcePrincesa,

    There are some things you can do. First, to start losing weight follow these three simple steps.

    1. Eat a healthy breakfast each morning.
    2. Drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water each day (a little more if you can).
    3. Don’t eat after 7pm.

    Eating breakfast each day will help curb your appetite. Drinking water will help you stay full through the day, not to mention, it’s healthy for you in and of itself. Not eating late at night will make sure you don’t pack the calories on while you sleep.

    Diet is the most important (in my opinion). But exercise is a great way to burn calories. If you can, do aerobic exercise for 20 minutes, four days per week. If you can do more in a few weeks, increase the number of minutes you exercise, or days, and you will burn even more calories.

    If you want a great resource to plan your meals each day, use the MyPyramid.gov Menu Planner. It’s free and you can find it at http://www.mypyramidtracker.gov/planner/launchPage.aspx.

    You can also find some great resources (free) at http://a-healthy-life.com/lose-weight-healthy.html#anchor_35. Use the Instant Health Tool there to figure out how many calories you should eat each day to lose weight. It’s a great tool.

    Also, you can get some more free tips by reading an article at http://ezinearticles.com/?Top-3-Ways-to-Lose-Weight-and-Burn-Fat—The-Healthy-Way!&id=3227932.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

    Jared B.

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