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obesity: Your lack of wisdom will take you places you might not want to go

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Product DescriptionOut of control eating habits and self-imposed ignorance over health matters make us one of the most lazy and unhealthy nations on earth. Journey with one man as his bad choices through life degrade him to morbid obesity and near death experiences. See how attitudes dictate every aspect of your personal health– from food choices to physical fitness. Dont be fooled, the foundation you lay today determines the season you will have. There is a major price to pay for do-overs. Promises and Benefits you will discover:. A frank and honest viewpoint from someone who has struggled with obesity. Practical down to earth understanding and wisdom. A candid look at my barriactric surgery (Pre and Post lifestyle included). Real life examples of dealing with attitudes like shame and rebellion. A very simple yet successful health plan (Diet and Physical fitness)Bill as a new author, has really demonstrated through his detailed account of obesity, that the public has to face the attitude issue first, before success can be had in the battle over poor eating habits. This is a rare and honest look at the problems our 21-century culture face. This book will truly inspire the reader to re-evaluate their own attitudes concerning nutrition and fitness requirements. To speak a bit of wisdom. “Without your health, you truly have nothing” and “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you know to do today. “Bill Hartmann has made it through 50 years of life despite himself. His testimony is a valuable and productive tool in the battle against obesity. Surviving through all his bad attitudes he has picked himself back up brushed off the dirt and nas become healthy and more physically fit than ever before. This lifetime of poor choices makes him vastly qualified to write on this topic if only to tell the sad ugly side which few want to face in reality today.

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