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okay i am 5’10 im a boy i am 12 and i am 185lbs i know i am fat and weight loss tips plz?

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plz no harsh comments

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5 Responses to “okay i am 5’10 im a boy i am 12 and i am 185lbs i know i am fat and weight loss tips plz?”
  1. says:

    See a nutritionist.

    Just eat right, eat when you are hungry until you are satisfied..and exercise!

    you are only 12 and 5″10?!danggg, boii.

  2. Pearson says:

    Have no fear! When you get far into your teens and puberty is at its peak, you will be able to loose body fat and gain muscle almost twice as fast!

  3. Abhishek says:

    Dont get so tensed just wait 3 more years and then you can join GYM.
    You can do running for now and cycling too.
    I dont Know about you, but some Guys have hormonal problems as there family members are also fat.
    But still you can strive Hard to lose weight.
    ######GOOD LUCK#####

  4. Flizbap says:

    1. Eat about 6 small complete meals throughout the day (fish, almonds, walnuts, and lean proteins in general, plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, and complex multigrain carbohydrates) spaced out about every 2-3 hours. Consume between 1500-2500 calories a day. DO NOT BINGE EAT!
    2. Be as active as you can; nothing to do for 10 minutes? Knockout 10 elevated push-ups.
    3. Eat some spicy foods; take a decent amount of vitamin C, and drink between a half-gallon and a whole gallon of WATER a day.
    4. No more soda. Ever.
    5. If you do drink coffee, drink it black.
    6. Do at least 35 minutes of cardio straight at least once a day, at least three times a week, more if you are not trying to put on muscle.
    7. Do a large amount of full body exercises whenever possible (Jumping Jacks, Pull-ups, Chin ups, dips, squats, hanging leg raises, hanging knee raises, back raises, glute ham raises, burpees)
    8. Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night, but no more then 9.
    9. Avoid anything deep-fried, white bread, sprinkles, and any refined sugar.

    You can find more good info at http://www.crossfit.com and http://www.bodyrock.tv

  5. Want it Gone says:

    One thing that works great for me ( im 14), is I just graze all day. About 10 snacks, every hour or so.
    A orange, celery& penutubutter, carrots, chesse stick, small salad ect
    That way you never get hungary. Just dont eat anything that comes from packages (or try not to!!). Eat all fresh things. And lots of water.
    Just ask you mom to get some apples, or carrots or when she goes to to store, slowly add ask if she can buy you a few more things. And I know sometimes parents wont let you skip dinners, if thats the case, just watch your calorie intacke early in the day, and have a small portion of what ever that cook!!

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