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Project Fatloss

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Product Description”Even Though It’s Winter, Don’t Hide Under Your Clothing. Defeat Your Fat And Discover The Body You’ve Always Wanted. . . Today!”I’m sure you’ve heard it more times than you care to, right?Thin is in. Being overweight is unhealthy. No one wants to date someone who’s fat. I’m sure you notice people staring at you as you walk down the street and when you are buying food. They look at you and look down at the fact that you are overweight. But no one helps you, no one cares why you are fat, no one helps. As we know, being overweight isn’t a state of mind or a decision you’ve made. It’s hard to lose weight and it’s difficult to change your life. Exercise and extreme dieting aren’t simple changes, they are major lifestyle changes that don’t easily fit into everyone’s schedule. . . . so what are you to do?There are no quick fixes to shedding pounds. Losing weight isn’t a problem that can be solved overnight. If you want to do it right without completely changing your life, there’s only one way for you. . . Project Fatloss. Project Fatloss is a revolutionary new way to slim down without completely upending your life. It was developed to be the most sensible, most follow-able, most fail-proof-able system ever created. Anyone can lose weight. . . even you. I wasn’t always the healthy-looking, thin guy that I am today. I was once almost 100 pounds overweight. I hated being fat. I hated every stinking minute of my life when I was fat. I felt uncomfortable every time I met anyone new, I felt like they were just sizing me up and thinking that I was nothing more than a fat guy who wouldn’t take care of himself properly. I was constantly feeling bad for myself and could never muster the energy to put even put a smile on my face. I lived in a continuous state of unhappiness due to my weight. I wouldn’t go on vacation with my friends for fear of having to take my shirt off by the pool and forget about what would happen during weekends in the summer. I even took a part time job just to have an excuse why I couldn’t go with everyone to the beach. To say that my weight was always on my mind is an understatement. Every time I put a bite of food in my mouth I thought about it. Every time I put on a shirt, I thought about it. Every time I stepped out of my house, I thought about it. My weight was all I thought about. My friends were sympathetic as they could be. They told me to try dieting and encouraged me to work out. I tried those things, but my schedule rarely allowed me to keep up with them. I’d last for a week or two, but then something would always come up and I’d go back into my normal routine. I was never able to lose more than a couple of pounds and I always put them back on. Finally, I had enough with living my life unhappy. I wanted to rid myself of my weight problems once and for all. I made the decision to stop being fat, stop feeling sorry for myself and to start being happy. This decision didn’t come lightly. I tried dieting and exorcising and I knew that it wasn’t for me. I also knew that with the massive amount of weight I needed to lose, that a quick solution wasn’t really realistic for me. I gave myself a 10 month deadline to lose 50 pounds and I was sure I could do it. I was shocked when I was able to do it in half that time. . . Don’t Diet, Just Lose Weight!

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