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The 100 Calorie Slow Cooker Cookbook

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Product DescriptionWelcome to The 100 Calorie Diet and The 100 Calorie Cookbook Family! The 100 Calorie Slow Cooker recipes are delicious, nutritious, hearty AND very easy to prepare. Simply put the ingredients together in the morning and you come home to a home-cooked meal every night! How great is that? We’ve done all the calculating for you, so all you have to do is prepare and enjoy. Eat great and still lose weight with these wonderful heart and soul warming recipes. And remember, always cook with love! Your family will love you for it! Look for our other 100 Calorie and Zero Calorie Books: The 100 Calorie DietThe 100 Calorie Food CounterThe 100 Calorie Restaurant and Fast Food CounterThe 100 Calorie Casserole CookbookThe 100 Calorie Pizza CookbookThe 100 Calorie Sandwich CookbookThe Zero Calorie Party Appetizer CookbookThe 100 Calorie Slow Cooker Cookbook is a perfect companion book for The 100 Calorie Diet which is all about eating the foods you love and still losing weight The 100 Calorie Way! We’ve even included a Zero Point Slow Cooker recipe which is FREE on The 100 Calorie Diet and Zero Weight Watchers Points! Get ready for the following delectable, savory, yummy Slow Cooker 100 calorie recipes, here’s a preview of the recipes you’ll find in The 100 Calorie Slow Cooker Cookbook: Barbeque RibsSuper Simple Barbeque ChickenBarbeque Pulled PorkBeef Barley SoupBeefy Beer BrisketBeef StewBeef StroganoffBlack-Eyed PeasBrats and SauerkrautBroccoli Cheese SoupCabbage RollsCheesy Chicken and ArtichokesChicken CacciatoreChicken MarsalaChiliCorned Beef and CabbageCurry ChickenDuck a la OrangeGoulashHoney Maple HamJambalayaJerk ChickenLamb ShanksLemon Honey ChickenLobster BisqueMeatloafMinestroneOrange ChickenPepper SteakPicadilloPork ChopsPork Ribs Chinese-StylePork RoastSausage and TomatoesSpaghetti and MeatballsSpanish Bean SoupSusie’s 100 Calorie Pot RoastSwedish MeatballsSwiss SteakTurkey LegsZero Point Soup

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3 Responses to “The 100 Calorie Slow Cooker Cookbook”
  1. Although $2. 99 was way too much to spend, thank God it was ONLY $2. 99. According to the book, each recipe feeds 24 – 36 people! 100 Calorie Diet? LOL – only if you plan on eating a few teaspoons per recipe and still have enough left over to feed the whole neighborhood 100 calorie servings. All the recipes appear to be full calorie traditional recipes divided by whatever number equals out to be 100 calories per serving. For example, if a Fettuccine Alfredo recipe at 10,000 calories (just a guess) had been in the book, the authors would have divided 10,000 calories by 100 calorie per serving for a grand total of 100 servings! Better yet, one noodle per serving! Get the picture?

    Also, there is no organization – no index, no categories, just one long list of recipes. For instance, if you were looking for the 36 serving recipe for spaghetti and meatballs, you’d have to scroll through the entire book to find it.

    Very disappointed – this is probably the worst purchase I made on Amazon. com – ever! Like I said – Are You Kidding? Guess the jokes on me.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Alexys Smith says:

    This recipe book is terrible–even for $2. 99.

    To begin with, the recipes are not healthy or low calorie. Instead, the book lists completely run-of-the mill recipes, then informs you that they yield “36 100 calorie servings. ” So you can feed 36 people tiny servings of recipes that you already had! Hurrah!

    Another downside is the book’s lack of organization. There are no chapters or table of contents, just a continuous list of recipes from start to finish.

    Save your $2. 99 and buy a pack of granola bars.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. April Powers says:

    What a great insight this cookbook gave me. There are all these delicious slow cooker recipes that give you the 100 calorie serving sizes and it was a sure eye-opener as to the calories I am eating. These recipes are real recipes with no artificial ingredients or dangerous chemicals and I can make them for my family without risking their health. The serving sizes are small, but I know I can have more than just 100 calories. The 100 Calorie Diet says you can eat in 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500+ calorie units, so even though the portion sizes were small, I adjusted my portions to fit with my daily calorie intake. I would rather eat a smaller portion of a real food than a larger portion of chemicals, so if you’re like that, this cookbook is for you!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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