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The Neuropsychology of Weight Control – Program In Metabolism Control

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Product Description(8 Audio Cassettes and 1 Paperback Study Guide) Audio cassettes cover: Your body weight is controlled by a mechanism in your brain, called a setpoint that maintains your present weight. Your setpoint interprets most diets as starvation and tries to prevent your body from losing the pounds you’re trying to shed. SyberVision researchers have developed a technology that will help you lower your setpoint. Your mind and body will start working together to build lean muscle and burn fat. You’ll learn secrets of eating and exercise required for a fat burning body. It’s all contained in eight audio cassettes that teach you the 12 dominant habits of lean, high energy people. 1) The Neuropsychology of Weight Control 2) The Ultimate Body: The Twelve Dominant Habits of Lean, High Energy People 3) The Fat Thermostat: Your Brain’s Weight Regulating Mechanism 4) The High Energy Body: How to Develop a Fat Burning Metabolism 5) Eat and Get Thin: The Macro-Metabolic Eating System 6) The New You: How to Determine Your Ideal Body Image and Weight 7) The Power of Self Motivation and Discipline 8) Sensory Goal Setting: Reprogramming Your Brain’s Setpoint 9) Lowering Your Fat Thermostat 10) Thin Forever: A Life Long Blueprint for Leanness and Health.

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