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Vastly Increase Your Energy Levels In 7 Days: Deal with your symptoms without antidepressants, histamines, hormones or weird sports drinks with hoodia or ginseng in them! AAA+++

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Product DescriptionHave You Lost Your “Get Up and Go?” Is Fatigue Costing You Relationships, Job Opportunities and Your Social Life? Do you want to do something about it . . . but are wary of taking the antidepressants or caffeinated remedies that are usually prescribed for people who have lost all of their energy?Then you need to read- Vastly Increase Your Energy Levels In 7 DaysDear Friend,If you are reading this page then it is very likely that you are “sick and tired of being tired and don’t want to take it anymore!”If you were like me you might have been living your life tired for so long that you may not even have realized that it was actually a problem. You were probably told all kinds of things about your condition that kept you in denial about having to doing anything about it. Well, I am here to tell you that –No, being tired all the time is not a function of aging! No, it does not happen to everybody! No, it is not about low blood sugar or a lame thyroid! No, you don’t have to believe that as you grow older you lose your life force! You are just as capable of getting up every day full of energy as you were when you were twenty one years old!Are You Ready to Change Your Life? Feel Enthusiastic and Energetic Again in Just One Week! One thing I found when researching this book is that people can be at the mercy of many different distressing symptoms at once that they don’t even realize that a lack of energy is at the root of their problem. That is why in Vastly Increase Your Energy Levels In 7 Days I give you a crash course in just exactly what can cause this problem including –A lack of sleep and how the cumulative lack of it can contribute to fatigue and performance problemsThe role that stress place in making you feel very tired all the timeHow going to bed angry or upset can make wrack your body and make you feel tired the next dayHow a “hot wired” brain can make you lose sleep and feel tired the next dayHow being stressed can physically make your body less efficient and cause stressHow being meddlesome and uptight can contribute to the creation of feeling chronically tiredWhy eating nutrient deficient food can exhaust and deplete your energyWhy eating cheaper food could harm your healthThe role that the addition of chemical fertilizers into our foods plays in making us tiredWhy eating meat might make you more tired than eating other thingsWhy eating improperly prepared foods can sap your energyWhy boiling vegetables before you eat them is not such a hot idea if you want to stay energetic and vibrantHow different ways of frying foods can translate into feeling energetic or lethargic during the dayHow eating certain types of food can cause shortages of iron, B12 and folic acid and make us feel tiredHow the drugs that are fed to farm animals end up in our bodies and can poison us and slow us downHow taking prescription drugs can deplete our energy stores and exhaust usWhy Western medicine does not really recognize “being tired” as a problem when it absolutely should!How your environment can have a significant impact on how tired you are from minute to minute as well as your overall state of wellnessHow “exhaust” from cars can literally exhaust you! (pun intended!)Why getting too much sunshine can deplete your natural energy levelsHow having a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder can steal your energy from youWhat your personal physical condition might have to do with your energy levelHow carrying too much weight may or may not have something to do with how fatigued that you feel. . . and much more about what you need to know to get rid of this uncomfortable condition. ————————————————————————-Please click on the name ” Manuel Ortiz Braschi” at the top of the page for hundreds of unique titles at very affordable prices.

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One Response to “Vastly Increase Your Energy Levels In 7 Days: Deal with your symptoms without antidepressants, histamines, hormones or weird sports drinks with hoodia or ginseng in them! AAA+++”
  1. Great breakdown of all factors including diet, exercise and supplements that are directly linked to your energy levels. This is NOT a diet or exercise plan; its a solid ebook on what’s causing you to lose energy and what you can do to correct it. If I had any complaint its that the author claims a 7-day program, yet I didn’t read any layout or program that covered seven days. Regardless, it takes more than just a seven days marathon, it takes changing your lifestyle, so I am sure what he meant is that you’d notice a big difference by the seventh day if you follow his suggestions.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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