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Weight loss tips needed please!!!! What are some good workouts to help burn fat at the gym?!!?

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I have been going to the gym like 4x a week , and do about 1.5 hrs of cardio, I am eating better, but i still don’t see fast enough results. What are some good workouts I can do at gym to burn fat?! Is it true that I need to detoxify my body first?
Thanks in advance!

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6 Responses to “Weight loss tips needed please!!!! What are some good workouts to help burn fat at the gym?!!?”
  1. Hailley says:

    Results will come in time! You need to patient, because taking diet pills, ect. will not help you in the long run. Just keep up what you’re doing! Good luck!

  2. VEGA says:

    You don’t necessarily need to detox but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. If your eating healthy foods like plenty of fruits and veggies then you body will automatically detox itself. Any kind of teas are ideal for for detoxing. TRY to eat at least every 2 to 3 hrs in order to keep your metabolism burning like a fire. If you eating any sugar cut it out and get your sugars from natural sources like the fruits. IN the gym try to do circuit training like: LIFTING: jumping from one machine to the other with almost no rest at all free-weights included. CARDIO: try to go at a very high pace for a minute or two and then slow down to a normal pace and continue this for at least a 20-minute cardio session. This is really hard but burns alot of fat. Honestly eating right is going to be a big percentage of how your body turns out unless your in the gym for a whole workday like UFC fighters.
    My daily diet:
    6am- water, egg, or protein shake or fiber cereal dry(I dont have time for cooking)
    830am- apple or orange and water
    1030am-tuna can or chicken breast or any lean meat and a veggie and water
    1300pm- orange or apple and water
    1500pm- protein shake
    1730pm- fish and any kind of greens and water(cut this meal in half and have it two hrs later.
    1900pm- eat rest of fish and greens
    2130pm- casein(slow digestive) protein
    Go to bed early because sleep is important for your body to recuperate
    If your trying to get alot of muscle then put alot more protein in the diet above and wake up in the middle of the night and take a protein shake.

  3. Milos S says:

    Using Acai berries as one of the components in a healthy balanced diet had become very popular. There are various free trials provided by respected companies on the internet. Lots of information can be found about them but are they really healthy?

    Acai berries contain lots of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent the damage of healthy human body cells by oxidizing free radicals which is produced everyday inside our body. Besides that, the high content of natural minerals and vitamins could help us by maintaining our daily required intake of such substances.

    These berries also include the high fiber content. Fiber helps in digestion and normalizes the peristaltic movement of the bowels. Toxins and unwanted substances will be absorbed by the fiber and removed by the body. This causes effective WEIGHT LOSS. It is also a must to mention that Acai berries have great taste and they are not difficult to be eaten. They taste of fresh dried exotic grapes and would make it very pleasant to consume.

    The weight loss effects of this fruit are also due to natural increased metabolism. The body consumes more energy performing same chores, so the weight lost is actually extra calories burnt and just not water loss. This effect is not temporary and stays with the body. So the lost pounds don’t come back but with the condition that you do have to watch your diet and continue with your workout regime. Acai is absolutely safe for consumption and has no diverse side effects.

    An another important property of acai berry fruit is it retains its magical properties when preserved. Thus leading to very effective weight loss supplements. Weight loss supplements are designed to work with the dieting process to help improve vitamin and mineral levels that may be missing in the diet.

    These supplements have helped many people over the years achieve their weight loss targets. The body will be far more likely to get rid of unnecessary weight if it is absorbing the right amount of nutrients and acai berry will take care of it.

    If You are serious about losing weight, go get your free trail. I would be QUITE surprised if you don’t 10 lose pounds in the trail period.

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  4. Sarah B says:

    First, I understand where you’re coming from.
    Here’s what I found out after lots of research and trial and error, the hard way.

    The reality is that there are no shortcuts or easy ways to get in good shape. Sorry, but someone needed to tell you this.
    As long as you get conscious about what you are doing, you will see the results.

    Below you will find the four principles that you need to keep in mind in your weight-loss journey.


    1.Forget About Diets

    People that go from diet to diet never reach a stable weight, let alone a good shape. The reason is quite simple: diets are, by their very nature, temporary. You can’t expect to eat properly for two or three weeks and fix your weight problems for the rest of the year.

    2.Proper Nutrition

    If you want to keep your weight and fat percentage under control, you will need to learn the basics of nutrition. Once you learn them, you will be able to eat healthy throughout the year.

    3.Physical Exercise

    Eating healthy and having a caloric deficit will only take you half the way. The other key factor is physical exercise.

    4.Discipline and Perseverance

    You can start eating healthy and exercising properly, but unless you stick doing it regularly, the results won’t appear (if they do, they won’t last).

    Discipline and perseverance are key here.

    If you want to Lose Weight ,I can recommend you to check out

    http://thefatlosssecret.blogspot.com/ .

    It is a great program that helped me.

  5. sistalaughsalot says:

    I am not going to leave you some big long essay about blah blah blah…I will say this…I am trying to lose weight myself. I have found success it “quick diets” that will kind of jump start your weight loss. For example…the “cabbage soup diet” You google cabbage soup recipe, make the stuff and eat it for a week…but that stuff is really pretty nasty!!! So my alternative is just soup. Make a pot of chicken vegetable, or get some cans of progresso and get it crackin!

    Also…visit my website for a free eBook for the best ab exercises.
    flat abs weight loss advice

  6. chinki r says:

    If you can run and un for 45 minutes. It will do the trick.

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