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What is a good way to work your lower abs?…. any other workout/diet tips?

April 30, 2010 by  
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I really need to get into shape. If anyone can help me with anything… diet advice, workout tips, how to work my lower abs, my upper legs, ANYTHING really. I have 24 days until we go to the lake and I need to be in a lot better shape. I need to tone my muscles, lose weight, and better my body body… seriously… ANY help would be great! Thank you in advance!
OH… and I would really like things I could do around the house… not have to go to the gym for… even though I do have a gym membership. :-/

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3 Responses to “What is a good way to work your lower abs?…. any other workout/diet tips?”
  1. Joseph U says:

    do a lot of sit ups and keep on doing them

  2. Ireney Weeney Beany Poo says:

    seriously pilates. omg.

    google pilates moves or buy the dvd. that will definitley help.

  3. iceman says:

    keep your diet clean. stay away from junk foods, sweets, soda/pop and other sugary, starchy foods.

    do some push ups, squats, lunges, and sit ups before your cardio activity every other day.

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