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Whats best for weight loss- a focus on high protein or high fiber? Tips for stomach fat/big appetite?

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I have a huge appetite (part of my culture is big portion sizes) and gain all my weight in the stomach. Therefore I REALLY rely on filling foods and strategy in my diet. The glycemic index seems to work for me (keeping insulin low, etc.) but any other suggestions? 5’6” female with 35 inch waist (BAD) and weigh 140 lbs.
Thanks a lot!

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6 Responses to “Whats best for weight loss- a focus on high protein or high fiber? Tips for stomach fat/big appetite?”
  1. Amala A says:

    high dietary fiber

  2. ddpk_bd says:

    Higher fiber foods help you to feel full. Broth-based soups and salads can help you feel full, too.

    Whole grains, fruits and veggies. Don’t cut out protein and good fats, though. They are just as important.

  3. Clinton w says:

    You need to start eating 5 smaller meals with snacks inbetween you meals. This will help you eat small portion sizes. You also need an exercise routine.


  4. skateaxel says:

    Neither….just eat less of the food or have your parents make healthier foods. Replace any pops or sugary drinks with water or diet drinks.

    You can’t just eat up on protein and fiber….doesn’t work that way.

    And no, you probaly don’t have an huge appetite….your just used to eating lots….after awhile you get used to eating less.

  5. ddysgrl1017 says:

    drinking water in between each bite will help you feel full as well as high fiber foods, and 6 small meals a day (fist size portions of each food) can “retrain” your thinking of a meal; (unless you have abnormally large fists) but seriously; when you eat 6 small meals a day (sticking to the glycemic index is awesome) your metabolism is burning at a higher rate therefore not only will it burn through the food you ate but the stored fats in your stomach as well. For optimum target TONING; you should try to incorporate some form of exercise that includes core strengthening like pilates (my choice but find what works for YOU!) and then incorporating your own crunch routine to help you build lean muscle in your stomach and waist to help with extra fat burning. Good luck!!

  6. mother_amethyst says:

    First off, your weight IS IN THE ACCEPTABLE RANGE for your height. Your good weight range is 120-140. A 35″ waist on a girl 5′ 6″ is NOT bad, it’s normal. Especially if you are under 18, since your body isn’t done with internal changes until that age at least.

    That said, if big appetite is a problem for you, learn about the 6 tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent). If you have a bite or two of each of the six tastes at each meal, (or at least every day), you will be amazed at how your appetite decreases. We think we’re hungry, but we’re really craving balance of taste and nutrition in our diets. The link below has more information.

    Secondly, I have found that big appetite is often a sign of not getting enough protein. Try eating more fish, chicken breast and lean cuts of beef and pork.

    Big servings are fine as long as they are of fruits, and vegetables cooked without too much fat.

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