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wieght issue! i weigh 126 pounds, am 5’6 and am healthy but i sometimes just feel really fat weight loss tips?

May 5, 2010 by  
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i work out but i just don’t like my body image..its hard to deal with sometimes…i have already gained like 2 pounds since summer and i don’t want to starve myself but i am constantly thinking about my wight

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4 Responses to “wieght issue! i weigh 126 pounds, am 5’6 and am healthy but i sometimes just feel really fat weight loss tips?”
  1. Jan C says:

    That is an ideal weight for you height. Since you are already working out, you aren’t likely to continue gaining. Weight has a lot to do with the structure of our frame. Of course, many people just don’t notice as they put weight on and it slips up on them. Set a weight that you are comfortable with and if you are near that, fine, but even a couple of pounds adds up. I think you are very wise to be aware of weight, but you don’t need to agonize over it either. Good luck.

  2. misdreya says:

    You have a screwed up image of yourself. A body image like that can lead to depression, anorexia, bulimia, or suicide later on in life.

    Now see, I’m ACTUALLY fat (350 pounds) and you know what I like to do when I feeling really down on myself? I boost my self image by looking at picture of girls who are fatter than me. (And yes, there ARE people fatter than me!)
    I can send you a picture of myself if you like, and you can just repeat in your head over and over
    “OMG at least I don’t look like her!”

    It’s okay, I wouldn’t mind. ^_^

  3. Emily B says:

    You are definitely at a healthy weight. It’s alright- I gained nearly 10 pounds over the summer! 2-5 pounds is barely even noticeable, so don’t worry about it. I went through anorexia, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, and I’m still recovering. I still do sometimes weigh myself nearly 20-30 times a day, I’m constantly scared of the numbers. Focus on creating leaner muscle by doing situps, weights, push ups, etc… to get a “toned” body. My friend weighs 140 and you would probably guess she weighs 120. Seriously! I wish all the best for you.

  4. Bill T says:

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